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Top 10 Things To Do In Dublin This Summer

Top 10 Things To Do In Dublin This Summer – Welcome to the capital of Ireland! Dublin is a lively, fun city filled with rich Irish history at every corner. Whether you’re in your 60s, your 40s, your 20s or your teens, Dublin has something for everyone. Foodies can take an amazing food tour of the city, those looking to relax can spend a day at one of the city’s local beaches, and those who want to drink a quality Guinness can definitely have one here. Dublin is literally a city for everyone and here are ten things that makes it so awesome.

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Drink Some Guinness

No trip to Dublin is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, where you’ll learn how to pour the perfect pint of this famous and delicious Irish Dry Stout. This is on the top of the list of things to do in Dublin for a lot of people. Immerse yourself in the rich brewing heritage of Guinness with seven interactive floors dedicated to the “black stuff”. At the top of the storehouse, you’ll even be rewarded with a pint of perfection at the rooftop Gravity Bar. Tickets are 18 euros and the refreshing pint is included.

Go See Some Animals

The Dublin Zoo charms kids and adults alike. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city after all and comes second on the list of things to do in Dublin, covering over 69 acres in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. Explore the Orangutan Forest, trek through the Fringes of the Arctic, take a stroll in the African Plains or discover the magic of Sea Lion Cove. There are so many different areas to visit in this zoo—it’s completely wild! Have an amazing time seeing beautiful animals while learning about the zoo’s conservation efforts around the globe. Click here to visit the Zoo website to check out timings and tickets.

Witness Dublin Castle’s Beauty

Once the seat of English and British power for 7 centuries, Dublin Castle is a key symbol of Dublin’s rich history. After Ireland’s independence, Dublin Castle was handed over to the new Irish government in 1922. On your visit, learn how this major government building has shaped the Republic of Ireland since then. The castle’s medieval tower and gardens are also some pretty impressive sights to see, and guess what—it’s super easy to fit this attraction into your itinerary. We can not leave this out of the list of things to do in Dublin. The castle is open to tourists 7 days a week. Click here to visit the Castle website.

See the Book of Kells at Trinity College

When you take a visit to Trinity College, you’ll walk down the same hallowed halls that renowned writers, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathon Swift graced when they attended the university. Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious college houses beautiful Gothic-style halls and an immense collection of literature in its Old Library. Here, you can find the priceless and vibrantly illustrated, Book of Kells, a colorful and lively depiction of the gospels created around 800 A.D. by Celtic monks. Whether you’re religious or not, the book is very impressive. Celtic knots and other brightly hued designs in the manuscript’s pages are truly a sight to see. Click here to visit Trinity College. (Image Source)

Party it Up in the Temple Bar Square

When you’re in Dublin, experience its nightlife! There’s no shame in indulging in a Guinness or two, or even taking a few shots of Jameson. The best place to do this is in Temple Bar Square where Dublin’s pub culture comes fully alive. During the day, the Temple Bar Square district is a hub for amazing artistry, with a myriad of independent art galleries and performance art venues to enjoy. At night, the neighborhood transforms into Dublin’s most famous party stop. Dozens of restaurants and bars will welcome you to an atmosphere of vibrant Irish culture, music and of course—Guinness. (Image Source)

Take a Walk in St. Stephens Park

This gorgeous park is truly one of kind. St. Stephens remains green for the whole entire year, making it a great place to spend a day outdoors in central Dublin. You’ll be surprised that to know that St. Stephens wasn’t always so inviting. During the Middle Ages until the mid-17th century, this 27-acre park was used as a public punishment site—something that would probably be quite unsettling for us to see today. Luckily, today the park is a peaceful green space. So, enjoy the tranquility! (Image Source)

Indulge in Some Irish Pub Food at Porterhouse

Porterhouse’s impressive selection of pub food, Irish stew, and bangers and mash will have your mouth watering. The best part is, indulging in a few homemade Irish dishes won’t break your bank! You’ll experience some of the most authentic Irish pub culture there is at Dublin’s oldest microbrewery for a cheap price. Plus, pub’s brand of stouts, lagers and ales are better than most of the mass-produced beers in Ireland. (Image Source)

Geek out at the Chester Beatty Library

After seeing the Book of Kells, Bookworms can get their daily dose of antique literature at the Chester Beatty Library. The library houses a huge collection of antique books and intricate manuscripts like some of the earliest known biblical texts on papyrus. After you wander through the exquisite collection, check out the library’s roof garden, which is one of Dublin’s most peaceful spots around. No top list of things to do in Dublin would be complete with out a mention of this historic place. (Image Source)

Check out Dublin’s Food Scene on a Food Tour

Good news foodies! Dublin’s food scene is firing up big. For a taste of its glory, book the Delicious Dublin walking tour by Ketty Elisabeth of the French Foodie in Dublin blog. You’ll taste heavenly dishes at thriving restaurants, cafes and shop. The tour is basically like a “walking feast” so be prepared to get stuffed. Fab Food Trails is another popular choice. The food tour’s guides are well-known food critics and are happy to share their secrets about where to get the best food in the city.

Take a Day Trip to the Beach

If you visit Dublin in the summer, why not take a trip to the beach? This keeps popping up on anybody’s top list of things to do in Dublin! There are 8 brilliant beaches within an hour of the city, making them great city breaks. Killiney Beach is one of these paradises only 35 minutes away from Dublin city center, with crystal blue water that has been compared to the Bay of Naples. If you really want to be amazed visit Ladies’ Cove, only an hour away from central Dublin. With majestic rocks, beautiful stretches of blue water and anemones at low tide, the town’s beaches are simply magical. Check the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) website for more information about travelling to these destinations. (Image Source)

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