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Top 10 Ways To Save Money When Visiting Dublin

Dublin used to be one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe. Yet, due to the economic crisis, it’s getting slightly more affordable. Still, it’s easy to spend a lot of cash in Dublin. This is especially true if you’re planning on dining out, taking taxis, or visiting famous attractions. If you’re really trying to visit the Irish capital on a budget, however, there are ways to do so. You just have to be smart! As always, we for cheap central Dublin apartments, contact us.

Consider 10 of these money-saving tips for your next trip to the capital of Ireland:

dublin airport taxi

Research your ride to the airport

You’ve hopped off the plane—now what? One piece of advice—don’t resort to taking a taxi. One ride from the airport to the city center in one will cost you about 20 euros or more. Since you won’t find a train or a subway system that connects Dublin Airport to the city center, it’s easy to fall into the taxi tourist trap. However, you have options. You can either take the cheap local bus or an Aircoach, a 24-hour express bus service into the city. Purchase a return fare for €12 instead of paying €7 each way to save money. Your wallet will thank you.

dublin public transport

Take Pubic Transport

Again, whatever you do, don’t hop in a taxi cab. Sure, it seems easy, but there are other easy ways to get around Dublin that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Check out the local bus schedule, for example. Dublin Bus is very affordable (a trip costs less than 5 euros), and its routes run through all different areas of the city. If you’re a biker, the luck of the Irish is on your side. Dublin’s bike share program, called Dublin Bikes, is a very cheap and easy way to get around the Irish capital. Not a biker? No problem. Dublin is small and therefore, very accessible on foot as well for pedestrians.

dublin pint beer

Settle for a Half-Pint

Dublin is known for good beer and fine whiskeys, but sadly not happy hours. Pub hopping can get quite expensive drinking pint after pint, but you can still make your money go farther and order half pints instead. Don’t worry, Dublin’s nightlife will still be good to you no matter how much you decide to drink.

dublin live music

Go See Free Live Music

A night out on the town in Dublin isn’t complete without seeing some free live music. Pubs all over the city are known for their hip and eclectic venues and traditional Irish atmosphere. After a day visit to Trinity College, stop by Doyles, a spot known for its live bands just a short walk away. If you’re looking for some traditional Irish music, check out Dublin’s Northside. There are a ton of authentic Irish pubs where you’ll witness the liveliest characters that Dublin has to offer.

dublin rugby

Watch a Football or Rugby Game

Dublin is literally teeming with sports bars. It’s no secret that Dubliners are some of the most die-hard football and rugby fans in the country. Though you may spend some cash on a few pints, or half-pints, watching a match at a bar is totally free. If you’re visiting for the Six Nations weekend, prepare to indulge in a boisterous, whimsical and ridiculously fun pub atmosphere. It’s one of the most anticipated sports events in Ireland, an annual international rugby union championship involving England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. You don’t want to miss it!

dublin museum

Dublin for Free

Make gardens, parks, museums & galleries your go-to spots on your Dublin trip. Why? Because they’re free! Visit places like the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA,), the National Gallery and the RHA Gallery. For amazing green spaces, stop by St. Stephens or St. Patrick’s park and enjoy a beautiful day outside.

dublin pass

Get the Dublin Pass

The Dublin Pass will help you save money from the start of your trip. The cost is a bit steep, but if you want to visit Dublin’s most popular attractions, buying it is worth it. You have a choice between a 1-day (59.00 euros), 2-day (77.00 euros), 3-day (94.00 euros) and 5-day adult Dublin Pass (114.00 euros)—the passes for children cost about half of the adult price. The great thing is, all attraction entry costs are included in the one-off price of the pass. You literally have the opportunity to save 20-50 euros—a great money saver for budget travellers. Dublin Pass grants you unlimited entry into over 30 attractions in Dublin at discounted rates. Visit sights like the Jameson Distillery, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Dublin Castle and relax knowing that you saved some euros.

Combine tickets – If you’re looking to visit some of the most popular attractions in Dublin, it’s easy to spend quite a bit of cash. If you want to save, try to buy combined attraction tickets. The Dublinia museum and Christchurch Cathedral tickets, for example, can be bought together for 13.25 euros—so you’ll end up saving 1.25 euros. If you do this for other attractions, your savings will surely add up!

dublin walking tour

Take a Free Walking Tour

A free walking tour in Dublin can be just as good as one for 50 euro a person. Many of these walking tours are run by freelance tour guides and essentially you “pay what you can” at the end of the tour by tipping them. Dublin Free Walking Tours is a famous one, and lets you see the sights of areas like Southside, Northside and O’Connell St. With tours like these, it’s easy to learn about the rich history of Dublin in an affordable way.

dublin pub food

Skip Fancy Dinners and Eat Cheap Pub Food

It’s tempting to eat at a classy restaurant when you’re on holiday, but when you’re travelling on a budget, pub food is definitely the way to go. Don’t worry, you’ll still be perfectly satisfied. Traditional pub fare features yummy dishes like Irish stew, fish-and-chips or champ (potato mashed with milk and onions). Just go to any local bar and have a look at its menu—one of these tasty dishes will most likely be on it.